.:. Jaguar Holdings, LLC.

We are a family of cutting edge advanced technology companies realizing successful, and sustainable solutions across the spectrum of global markets. The core of our business is the coupling of products and services that are vital to humanity.

We represent the future of  renewable energy driven supply chains from mining to manufacture and farm to table. Our subsidiaries contribute to their regional economies while providing opportunities for global market penetration across resource development and reclamation, transportation, and manufacturing while preserving cultural and environmental integrity.

Jaguar Holdings operates on the principles of providing sustainable food security, water security, and energy security for local communities and maintains the reserves of capital necessary to develop and scale markets for our remarkable Green Energy Technology and Superior Business Services to maximize efficiency and reduce waste fraud and abuse of public resources in public-private partnerships.

The VAPER-Power Solution

Our solution to the very real problem of Renewable Energy for electricity generation is the state of the art VAPER-ARC Reactor Mark 7, a Cold Ionized Plasma Solid State Fusion Reactor that generates up to 100MW of electricity, and up to 12 MW of heating and cooling, day or night, rain or shine for a fraction of the price and size of the comparable power output from Solar or Wind generation with near-zero downtime for scheduled annual maintenance.